Wedding Gallery Wall

wedding wall

Our wedding day was something magical. Surrounded by so much love, family and friends, we relished every moment of that special day and night. While planning our wedding, we chose a photographer who had a beautiful portfolio filled with perfect photos both candid and posed that captured the most significant and sweet moments. She and her husband are not only incredible photographers but they really are such fun, warm individuals–and they documented our wedding more perfectly than I could have ever imagined.

Marriage isn’t easy. There are good days and bad days and all kinds of windy rollercoasters along the way. But there’s one thing that is certain–we love each other unconditionally and I still feel butterflies when he walks in the room. We are lifelong partners and best friends. We are each others better half. Marriage isn’t easy… but it’s wonderful.

When we first received our wedding proofs, I knew I was going to create a gallery wall of some of our favorite snapshots. And I’m so glad I did! Using a range of sizes all uniformly situated in simple black frames with white matting, it quickly became one of my favorite places in our home. We hung the photos in the hallway that leads from our front door to the living room… a place we walk by at least 100 times a day. It’s a constant reminder of the immense joy we felt that day. It was an incredible celebration that we get to relive every day through these pictures.

And now that I’ve tackled the wedding gallery wall, I’m working on something special for our bedroom. It will be a mix of pretty prints and sweet sayings that tug at the heartstrings and will remind us daily of our commitment and love for one another. I can’t wait for it to come together!

Have you created a gallery wall of special photos? We’d love to see how you styled it!

  • Carroll

    What a great idea! We are just going through all our photos from our May wedding and this looks like a wonderful way to remember the day. :)

    • Yes, do it! It is such a sweet reminder of that special day. In fact, this is a May wedding too. :) Share your pics when it’s done… we’d love to see how it turns out!