Double Duty Entertaining


Happy Monday friends! With fall creeping in and hopes of the weather turning cooler, I tend to entertain more often in my home. So when it comes to football parties or casual get-togethers, I get a little kick out of finding two (or more) uses for a single product. It’s like this giddy tickle wells up inside me when I realize there are other practical and fun ways to use everday items that will help take my entertaining at home to a new level of joy. Thanks to some clever folks featured on Rachael Ray, I got a few ideas of my own for some double duty entertaining tips.

This tip came from a Rachael Ray viewer who uses cute bathroom paper cups placed over a strand of white lights to create a festive party ambiance. Watch the video here!


Who doesn’t love a little mason? This one comes from the blog Love in a Mason Jar. Check out her site to see full step by step instructions to put together these easy mason jar utensil holders. *Bonus tip: Line the mason jars with some of your leftover scrapbook paper to add color and flair!


Somehow, I usually end up with a handful of leftover paper muffin cups and for some same reason, I don’t throw them away. So, rather than fretting over when I’ll ever use these again in a conventional manner, I’ve discovered another use for these little guys. Keep the bugs out and differentiate which drink is yours by placing the paper muffin cups through a straw and over your drink!

Share your best double duty tips with us!

  • Lynet Sandoval Witty

    i love every single one of those! super cute. I sooo wanna go and get me some muffin cups now!

  • Thanks, Lynet! You will love being able to utilize everyday household items in new, fun and functional ways!