So Fresh & Clean

As a little girl, I would always play with my mother’s make-up drawer and she would occasionally let me steal her gift with purchase. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed–getting dolled up, putting on pretty make-up and being girly.

The thing is, I have very sensitive skin. So over time, I have grown to learn which products work best for my skin type and what make-up lines are ideal. My absolute go-to when it comes to the basics (concealers, powder, mascara, etc.) is Trish McEvoy. We can get in to my favorites another time but one of the best things about the brand is the brushes. With beautiful, soft bristles and acrylic handles, they are classic essentials to my make-up routine and look so pretty sitting on display. And that’s why I have to take extra good care of them!


There are many tutorials and tips on how to clean your make-up brushes and it seems that one of the most popular is baby shampoo. While I’ve never actually tried it, I can only imagine how soft and sweet smelling the brushes are when they dry. Believe it or not, my must-have make-up brush cleanser is made by MAC. A little goes a long way and it works like a charm, leaving my brushes feeling brand new. I try to give them a good clean about once or twice a month to keep them long-lasting, soft and fresh.


What’s your routine when it comes to cleaning your make-up brushes? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks. Have a beautiful Saturday, loves!

  • Amber

    I’m awful about cleaning my brushes.. I hate to admit I don’t remember the last time I did :-/ I will have to do that this weekend!

    • Once you find a cleanser you love, it’ll be part of your routine!