Summer Reminiscence


Summer for my family means so many different things. It’s barbeques and late evenings sitting out back under the stars. It’s movie days when it’s too hot to play outside and enjoying a cool treat to beat the heat. Summertime also means a trip to the beach with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

My family likes to hang onto the last few long days of summer by waiting out the crowds and heading south towards the waves in September. I long for the moments in the sun to come in a few more weeks when we make the trek down to the coast to create some lasting family memories and enjoy the last few days of summertime bliss before the weather begins to turn.

I wanted to share a few moments on the lovely Texas sands from our last trip and let you know that you can enjoy the “lasts” while also celebrating the “firsts” of a new season.



  • Carroll

    What a beautiful post. So glad you are enjoying the last of summer with your family.

    • Thank you, Carroll! We hope you had a lovely Labor Day!