Bring Nature Into Your Home


Be green! If you want an easy and inexpensive way to breathe new life into your home decor, look no further than your own backyard! Natural elements bring an organically modern feel to some simple glass vases.

Head out the back door and grab some buds from your rose garden and place into small pitcher-shaped vases. These sweet pops of color provide cheer to small spaces.


You can also bring nature into your home by gathering some long branches or reeds and placing in a tall, thin vase. Group multiples together for a dramatic effect. Orchids dress up this simply divine vase and river rocks ground the whole piece.

If you’re like me, you may have glass vases stored in the pantry from past Valentine’s, anniversaries, or birthdays and you never know quite what to do with them. Recycle resources you may already own and after adding some large leaves, you get a lovely look for practically nothing!