Photographing Your Newborn


My little man turned four weeks old yesterday. I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve enjoyed bonding with him and how in love we are with our new family of four.

We had newborn portraits taken at the hospital and while it was totally worth it to capture those moments when my son was less than 48 hours old, I knew I wanted to do my own photo session when he was a bit older.

Thankfully, he was fed, happy and alert when I shot these photos. As an amateur photographer having done family portraits, weddings and the like – I get the most joy photographing my own family and I look forward to documenting more sweet moments with my boys!

Make use of any natural light as this will bring out the best colors and details in your photo. I took these photos in my dining room where it receives really nice morning sunshine.


Get close up! It’s all in the details – eyelashes, toes and chubby cheeks are some of the few things I knew I wanted to capture. A good zoom lens is very helpful to photograph those details clearly.


Be mobile! Since newborns can’t move around too much, don’t bother with a tripod. You’ll need to move around the baby to get the perfect angle and viewpoint.

  • Monica Weinheimer

    He’s soooo precious!