Dinner & Diapers

Eli Collage Final Small

There’s nothing better than a good friend bringing by a delicious hot meal – especially when you’re sleep-deprived, hormonal and feeling halfway crazy due to caring for a newborn.

I have been at home for almost a full week with my new little bundle of joy and it has been wonderful. Wonderfully crazy. Wonderfully sweet. Wonderfully tiring.

My very good friend sent a text to me and said she wanted to stop by. I was so happy for her to visit and to my surprise she delighted me by supplying an entire dinner for my family, from salad to dessert and – almost as important – diapers.

This simple idea got me thinking. What if you could order a hot meal for your exhausted mommy friend and also provide another much needed baby item – diapers! I’m still planning out the concept and logistics, but the possibility could mean that new moms and their families would be taken care of as far as dinner plans go and it would be super easy for their family and friends to help out during those first several tiring and trying weeks.

More to come on this idea as I really think there’s a need for a service such as this. What mom wouldn’t enjoy receiving a break from the stress of having to worry about what’s for dinner? Their baby, in turn, would receive something you can never seem to have too many of – diapers!