DIY: Mastering the Mani

nails 1

It wasn’t until recently that I began trying my hand at painting my nails. In fact ever since college, I have been that young professional girl who has a standing appointment at the nail salon every other Saturday for a little me time and a mani/pedi. Yes, it’s a pricey habit but since I don’t color my hair or wear false lashes or do laser hair removal or any of those pricey girly things, I’ve always thought of it as my one and only indulgence when it comes to pampering. Plus, no matter how hard I tried, my right hand always looked like it was painted by a kindergartener… until now.

Thanks to my dear friend, I was able to get her tips to mastering the mani and have since changed my polish religiously–trying out trendy colors, buying new polishes and learning how to paint my nails like a grown up. The secret? Essie’s Good to Go. Some of my current favorites are Sunday Funday, In the Cab-ana, Bikini So Teeny, Tart Deco and Watermelon. Think I’m an Essie girl?

nails 2

Don’t get me wrong–I love a good foot rub and still frequent the nail spa for pampering every so often. But there’s something fun about a DIY mani/pedi at home… and I get to stay in my pajamas! Now if that doesn’t make you feel like a grown up, I don’t know what does. What polishes are you loving lately?