Mommy Survival Guide

Baby on the Brain Final

I am two days away from my due date with baby boy #2 and today I’m celebrating my seventh anniversary with my sweet husband. While I’m completely over-the-moon excited to meet our newest family member, I’m also feeling a little selfish today.

I would just like to carry this child through the following 24 hours with no surprises and then he can arrive at any time he would like! Selfishly, I do not want to share my anniversary with my child’s birthday each year for the rest of my life – that’s not too much to ask after carrying him for the past nine months, right?

I’m sitting staring at my large belly and it is thumping. He has the hiccups. Being a mommy again is going to be completely rewarding and exhausting all at the same time. I remember it well with my first. The few weeks following at home with a newborn can be rough and your body is in survival mode. Here are a few tips that I learned on how to not only survive, but thrive as a new mommy.

1. Tackle your to-do list – but only attempt two things on any given day. The laundry piles up, other kiddos need attention, medical bills start to pour in…your to-do list stacks up very quickly and it can seem daunting. One of the most practical tips someone told me was that you can conquer your to-do’s, but you should only allow yourself two tasks per day. This allows you to be realistic and gives your mind and body a chance to recoop. Which leads me to tip #2.

2. Sleep when baby sleeps. It’s the age old saying – but don’t undervalue it. It’s amazing what an extra couple of hours or even minutes can do to save your sanity.

3. Take any help that is offered. Family and friends often just want to be useful – so give them something to do – whether it’s folding laundry or cleaning a sink full of dishes – people just want to know that they can do something for you. This is the perfect time that you don’t have to be bashful about taking someone’s offer to help.

4. Take advice with a grain of salt – everybody and their mother will have an opinion about how you should be caring for your newborn. Most of it is well intended and can often be useful. But when it comes down to it, you and your instincts will know how to care for your baby best.

For more tips from other parents on getting good sleep with an infant – check out Baby Center’s article “8 Ways for New Parents to Get More Sleep.”

Tell us what helped you survive and thrive as a new mom!