What’s in My Hospital Bag

HospitalBag Final

Nine days away from my due date today! This past weekend I packed my hospital bag and thought I’d share some of the essentials a mommy-to-be is going to need not only to survive – but also be a little pampered – while staying at the hospital for one of the most exciting times in life.

Here’s my list of essentials needed for the big event:

For Mommy

    nursing gowns
    yoga pants + comfy shirt for going home
    flip flops
    socks, undies, nursing bras
    hair ties, bobby pins
    toiletries: toothpaste + toothbrush, mouthwash, facial care items, body wash, make-up bag
    eye glasses/contacts
    journal + pen, Kindle
    hand towel

For Baby

    first picture outfit
    receiving blanket
    socks and cap
    going home outfit
    burp cloths (2)

Don’t forget!

    wallet (cash for parking)
    ID and insurance cards
    hospital registration paperwork
    camera + video camera

The good news – I list only the essentials simply because the hospital will provide many of the things your baby will need during your stay. Supplies such as diapers, pacifiers, onesies, etc. will be available for use to care for your baby. As a second-time mommy, I definitely learned from my first not to overpack! I’d love to hear from other moms and what you packed for your little one’s special arrival!