TBT: Memories of Mom

With Thursday upon us, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to shed some light on a special part of R&R. While it is certainly a fun space for all things DIY, style and more, it is also a place where we hope to honor a very significant part of our lives–our mothers, whom we reference here.

As two women creating families of our own, we take great pride in remembering our roots, cherishing family and embracing the southern ways of life and love… much of which we learned from our mothers. This aspect of our lives will pop up from time to time throughout R&R–especially in the kitchen, as we share some of our favorite dishes and delights from their recipe boxes. After all, it’s the little things like discovering delicious recipes or sweet family photos that have helped us get through the years. And we hope that by sharing these memories and moments with all of you, we are able to provide some inspiration, hope, healing and love while also remembering two strong, caring and incredible women we had the privilege of calling mom.

laurie's mom

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