DIY: Photo Tips to Remember

natural light

I may be new to the blogging world, but photography has long been a passion of mine. It’s always been a wonderful outlet for my creative juices. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or someone who loves snapping pics on the go from your iPhone, I have found that there are a few essential elements that great photos are composed of.

  • Natural light – shoot using natural light when possible. It provides the truest colors and most vibrant photos.
  • Photo above by: Michelle Smith Photography

  • Overhead perspective – changing from a flat facefront view to an overhead shot takes your photography to new heights.
  • Overhead shot

    Photo by: Laura Yang Photography

  • Time for a close up – don’t be afraid to get in close to show off the details – whether it’s the dimples in a facial expression or the texture of lace on a dress, getting up close and personal to your subject creates interest.
  • close up shot

    Photo by: Mae Badiyan

    A Few Extras:

  • Get comfortable with your (ahem) equipment – take time to read up on and experiment with your camera. Get to know it – intimately.
  • Learn from the experts – but…don’t forget to follow your instincts and discover your own style!