My New Obsession with BH&G

BH&G Final

As a mom, you don’t often have a lot of free time for yourself. It’s a constant routine and balance of making dinners, cleaning dishes, wiping noses, bedtime stories and folding laundry. And when you’re blessed with a few precious moments to yourself, oftentimes you may be tempted to get something productive done; but the best times are when you finally take a break from it all and do something just for yourself.

Some moms may escape to a spa, others in a good novel – my latest escape (which has become a slight addiction and drives much inspiration for R&R) is Better Homes & Gardens.

It may sound so 1950’s or old-fashioned, but from great ideas for backyard bashes including the latest recipes for tasty sides and cool cocktails to their pretty ideas for porches and patios, I draw inspiration for all areas of my home and lifestyle from this modern source – not to mention the amped up section on beauty and style which brings the latest in makeup trends and fashion.

And with my Kindle, I can view each of BH&G’s latest edition even while I’m on the go! (An important thing for multi-tasking mom.) Take a look at their site for more ideas and inspiration for your home & garden!

Here are a few “Ooh, I love this!” trends for my home, garden and more. Tell us how you get a little R&R!