Four Ingredients to Easy Entertaining

Easy Entertaining

Just like any chocolate chip cookie recipe has several key ingredients, so does putting together an afternoon of easy entertaining.

Counter-clockwise from top right:

An easy way to pretty up your punch (or cocktail) is by cutting up fresh citrus and adding to your glass decanter. Not only do the flavors become infused into the mix, it also makes for a beautiful presentation.

Keep cutlery and napkins all together in one place – whether you tie them together with some twine for a casual summer soiree or organize them in a quad of pretty glass containers – this allows guests to help themselves when the main dish is ready.

Fresh flowers are always nice to have around – pull some summer buds from your garden and you’re good to go! You don’t have to go fancy with expensive store bought blooms.

Last, but not least – chips and salsa. Need I say more? Make your own salsa for total heat control. (My hubby’s famous garden salsa recipe to come soon!)