Home Organizing Tips & Tricks


I am very excited to share some of my own useful home organizing tips & tricks. Enjoy!

  1. Create a drop-off location or a mudroom for all of your out-the-door essentials. Location in your home is key! Make it the most convenient place in your home – whether it’s next to your front door, or if you tend to exit and enter out a side or back door (like me), it has to be the last place you see when you leave your home and the first place you see when you enter. A future post will show how I created my “mudroom” out of nothing more than a wall.
  2. I know we live in a digital world, but paper still exists. Being a graphic designer myself, I have a love for paper. Dedicate a 3-ring binder to recipes, gardening and organization tips, paint samples, design ideas, etc. I keep mine in playfully patterned binders similar to these. Place papers in clear sheet protectors and they make a quick go-to reference guide.
  3. Binders

  4. Create an entry that is both stylish and functional. Different from your drop-off location, this is a place that you may not use every single day, but it’s useful for when it’s necessary. I scoured Pinterest for ideas and finally completed my entry and I love it! A basket corrals shoes (and wandering socks left around), a tall lamp provides just enough lighting in the early morning, and of course beautiful artwork or family photos inspire. I tied all of these elements around a vintage sofa table which also allows a place for the hubby to drop his keys at the end of the day.
  5. entry way

  6. A corresponding topic to tip #2: Respond to paper in 1 of 3 (actually 4) ways: pay, respond, file and my favorite – trash. This nifty paper tray from IKEA does just the trick to keep bills, invites and important paperwork all in place.
  7. letter tray

  8. Store like items in your home all in the same place, according to their use and purpose. For example: collect all entertaining pieces in one place such as a buffet or sideboard cabinet in your dining area. Gather candlesticks, votives, placemats, cloth napkins, and large serving dishes all together. This way, when the unexpected in-laws “drop by” you’ll be ready to set a beautiful table in a snap!
  9. placesetting

    Last but not least – enjoy making your home your own!

  • maviperani

    Great tips! Thank you!
    I’m loving the blog.
    Have a nice weekend :)

    • Thanks Mavi! So glad you are enjoying the blog! Let us know on Twitter how you used any of the organization tips. @ruthieandrose :)

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